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GODZILLA 2016 OFFICIAL DESIGN!!!!!! jk..... by TheGreatestLoverArt GODZILLA 2016 OFFICIAL DESIGN!!!!!! jk..... :iconthegreatestloverart:TheGreatestLoverArt 140 11 TFiF: 12 Million Years Introduction by Dragonthunders TFiF: 12 Million Years Introduction :icondragonthunders:Dragonthunders 108 28 Buru by Hyrotrioskjan Buru :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 230 86 Dermopod Diversity by megabass22 Dermopod Diversity :iconmegabass22:megabass22 107 29 Skull crawler spec evo by Paleop Skull crawler spec evo :iconpaleop:Paleop 215 69



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This world is paradise
Scenic and beautiful
The forest comes to life
It's like a musical!
Is it ironic that I'm an embodiment of an existential crisis?
I'm not at odds with nature
Since I'm part of it!
I used to be on my own till I found you
Make yourself at home, look around you
We'll build a life and do what friends do
While I try to forget what I've been through!

You set me off now rest in peace
I'll Mess you up when you step to me!
Your blood will run through every chat
You normies won't even get to scream!
I'll drop Salamander obscenities
While I bathe in the flesh of my enemies
It's time to wipe this planet clean
Of the vine-stained race called deviantart vent posters!
Pump you full of WOKE from head to head
Shred to pieces like a fat bag of meat!
I laugh happily at you as you bleed
Brutality is all Google Plus needs!
My endless ramblings gonna fuck you up!
Now eat my post, taste my rdst
Tongue my limited edition ultralord figurines and consume thyself !
You're a bunch tried hard sheeple!

Excuse that tiny outburst
Where'd I digress?
After the Raiding Crisis
I've been a mess if you couldn't guess
Those days are long behind me
So don't be scared!
Yes I've seen better days but
I'll make repairs!
Though I'm a bit rusty, trust me
No one's pryo's bigger!
Use soft voices, cause loud noises

What in the mother of steam was that?
PTSD's comin back!
Been runnin' train since 4chan /b/!
And I've gone trench deep inside your closet!
No time to run, it's time to die!
I see you furry meme animators tryna hide!
You're just a Motley Crew of cowards!
You're Tumblr, I'm OVERPOWERED!
Like a homicidal artist
I'll paint your tears on the bathtub, lactating female canine!
I love the mess, I'm covered in carnage!
Twitter's a dumpster, you're it's garbage!
You're all weak, I'm a tank
Hope you freaks like getting spanked by my lvl 40 drogoz!
Armor's strong, self loathing is long
Don't believe me? Ask your parental units!

That's just my sense of humor
It's all for laughs!
Tell your mom I'm so sorry!
For not calling back, b**ch!
I need space for a while
To do some thinkin!
Because once I get hostile
You'll face extinction!
I frolic and dance with the animals
They don't mind if I'm a bit mechanical!
Still I find myself longing
To murder everybody!

I'm the last fucking GGGGGGGG!
All of my kind are dead!
I'll kill all of you bastards!
Cause that's all I have left!
I will massacre the masses!
Tear your families apart!
You'll be slaughtered
Like the filthy fucking loli fuckers that you are!
Come with me my feathered friend!
We'll stick together until the end!
We'll live out each of our dreams
How I love to hear their screams!
Very low resolution jpeg
somewhere in the desert inside a house
Sand King: Writing a unfunny post what is it Jario?
Jario: My man people are talking about Daddy O Five! Did you know that?
Sand King: Of course not, it's not like it is the only thing that's been in my youtube feed for a week.
Jario: Than talk about it!
Sand King : no
Jario: Why though?
Sand King: Because it's all been stated.
Jario: Can't you add your own ideas to the mix? You've talked about if before, why not now?
Sand King: Everything I have stated before has been explained much better than I ever could have done. I basically would just be regurgitating everything over and over. Every fine detail has been pointed out and dissected, it's the equivalent of performing an autopsy on the corpse of a long solved case, useless. And this is Google Plus for Christ sake, no one outside of the users or Google itself pays attention to it, twitter and 4chan does too but rarely.
Jario: But, is there anything else you want to talk about?
Sand king: I have 5.7 gigabytes of photos involving cheese clip art alone-
Jario: Animation Memes.
Sand King: You sonic loving monster.

Yeah for those of you that don't know, I despise animation memes. Recap, a meme is not just a trendy joke on the internet, but a trendy style passed from one individual to another. In this case, oregano furry, anime, or animal characters dancing to a Mediocre or shit song while moving around in a 2 dimensional plain of suffering. They all are so similar that it's hard to differentiate one video from another. All the characters have similar designs, color pallets, and personality traits. The music is also extremely similar, even the "dance moves" and backgrounds are carbon copys. They are not creative and I don't likey. They don't have stock photos of Arabian men or Knuckles, and most punishable a lack of All Star edits.
We are done here.

Sand King : Masturbating to Tumblr artist is morally wrong
Jario: No u 
  • Listening to: Sockstar
  • Reading: My Lineage was of Kings by Barred Austrolorp
  • Watching: Star Wars Ep 67
Remember the Mesozoic? The Mesozoic was so much better. Everything was better in the Mesozoic!
Here is the Mesozoic. If you don't remember, you did not have a childhood. You were not a child. You retroactively did not exist.

Remember Godwana? IT WAS A GOOD LANDMASS. You're too young to remember. IT WAS A GOOD LANDMASS. We had Shallow Seas. You don't. Things were better then. Now all is lost, including hope, which is dead.

We had:
Volcanic Activity
We had Choristodera. What to ecosystems these days have?
Nothing. The Mesozoic is over. All that's left is despair. The day the Mesozoic died, all joy died.

This generation.
They don't know.
They don't know.
Kids these days.
Kids these days.
This generation.
They don't know.
They missed out.


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